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3 Reasons You Need Managed IT Services

3 Reasons You Need Managed IT Services

We’ve all experienced the frustration when our electronics don’t work well, especially in the office.  We expect our internet to be fast, our web
pages to load, and our managed IT services to work flawlessly.  And if they don’t?  We get frustrated.  We feel helpless. We feel stress.  We feel like giving up.  But the worst part is the lost productivity.

Many offices and business centers, particularly smaller ones, run on computers and programs that they have installed themselves.  Or maybe a professional did the installation, and now they simply keep their fingers crossed and hope everything keeps running smoothly.  This system works for some time, but disaster will always strike.  And when disaster strikes your electronics, you can quickly find yourself losing profit, progress, and maybe even clients.

If you are running computer systems at your business, and currently do not have a managed IT service, then here are 3 reasons why you should consider it.

3 Reasons You Need Managed IT Services 1


Everything electronic is connected with and through the internet.  This is great because it means all our equipment can be accessed at any second from any location.  But this comes with a dark side.  If you can access your systems and equipment from anywhere, that means there are hackers who are attempting to do the same thing.  As technology is advancing, hackers’ efforts are also advancing.  In fact, the modern hacker does very little actual hacking. Instead, they develop software or bots that can do all the “dirty work” for the hacker on a much larger scale.

So how do you protect yourself?  By having a managed IT service.  Yes, the equipment you are using usually comes with security software built-in.  And yes, you can install your own security systems yourself.

3 Reasons You Need Managed IT Services 2

However, cyber threats are constantly changing and shifting.  You deserve a solution with protection that changes with the threats.


Technology is similar to motors and engines:  The older it gets, the more it tends to drag and have issues.  It starts running slower, making more noises, and requires more resets.
How many times have you lost a report because the computer had to reset?  How many frustrated employees do you have because the equipment has a few glitches?  How much productivity is your business losing because you know your electronics are outdated, but you are terrified to touch them because they might break?

If any of this describes you or your business, then you need to look at having a managed IT service.
And the best part?  If having an updated system means that your productivity and profits will go up, then there is a very good chance that having an IT service could actually pay for itself!

Peace of mind

Have you ever started an old computer with your fingers crossed because there was a 50% chance it wouldn’t work the first time?  Did you ever connect to your company’s network knowing you would find multiple issues?  Have your employees stopped coming to you with technology suggestions because they know that no one has the expertise to fix it, so they keep working with archaic systems?

3 Reasons You Need Managed IT Services 3It doesn’t have to be this way!
Having a managed IT service for your business means that you don’t have to worry about the glitches or upgrades.  You can relax knowing that your equipment is set up correctly, secure, and will be properly maintained.  You can have an office that is stress-free with technology!

If any of the scenarios mentioned in this article resound with you, or if you know that your employees and customers deserve better, then today is the time to schedule an appointment to assess your needs.

If you are looking for a Managed IT Services in Corpus Christi or San Antonio, then Straight Edge Technology is the company for you.  Contact us today for your own Discovery Call!