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4 Ways Managed I.T. Services Increase Productivity

What if you did not have to worry about your business’s IT issues again?

Picture yourself not spending the long, tedious hours working on getting the “bugs worked out of the system.”

A survey released in 2015 found that many people involved in IT lose sleep, miss time with their family and children, and may even experience stress-induced illness.

This doesn’t have to be you!

And not only does having a managed IT service help reduce your stress on the job, it can also greatly increase the efficiency of your workplace as well.

In this post we are going to take a look at 4 ways you can improve your company’s efficiency by having a dedicated managed IT provider working with your company.

4 Ways Managed I.T. Services Increase Productivity 1

The same goals with fewer I.T. issues

As a company you have a mission statement and company growth trajectory in your mind.  You probably know where you want to be in sales, profit, and growth next year, 5 years, and maybe even 10 years down the road.

4 Ways Managed I.T. Services Increase Productivity 2

How does your IT fit into that vision?

Have you thought about the upgrades that may be required to meet these goals?

Thinking through this on your own can be stressful, and that is why bringing a managed IT service into this long-term vision can help “iron out the kinks.”

Instead of you worrying about what your IT will look like down the road, having managed IT services will allow you to focus on your vision and goals for your company, and the IT firm will be able to help you implement the best technology and services to make this future become a reality.

Fewer day to day issues

We have already mentioned that having your IT managed by another provider will reduce your stress, but you will also a decrease in day-to-day issues in your office.

Having professionally trained IT support go through your system will help you work out the kinks, bugs, and inefficiencies of your existing system.  In turn, this will help you and your team be more efficient and allow you to focus your energy at work where it really counts: growing your business.

And a wonderful side benefit?

It will also work out those annoying kinks, bugs, and other efficiencies that everyone hates but has simply learned to tolerate.  You know which ones we’re talking about!

Fix it correctly the first time

With the wide range of software, hardware, and security systems available in today’s market; it is easy for many companies to quickly make a hodge-podge of systems in their office.

The problem is that this “hodge-podge” is the unseen backbone of your company.  It stores and processes your data, and it is the network on which most of your work is accomplished.

If something becomes broken in this backbone, you want to fix it correctly the first time.  

Simply putting a bandaid on it will not solve the issue; in fact, it can sadly lead to greater issues down the road at times.

That’s where having a managed IT service provider can be a huge boost to your productivity.  

Instead of the server crashing every several weeks, which results in huge losses of time and work, you can rest knowing your managed IT support will take care of the issue correctly right away.

Constant network and system improvements

What happens when a salesman introduces a product to you that you want to purchase and implement into your existing network?

The salesman always says it will work with your other programs like a charm, don’t they?  And we still get glitches and network issues almost every time something new is purchased, don’t we?

Those new integrations can waste a lot of time.  Sadly, every now and then they can even lose valuable data.

4 Ways Managed I.T. Services Increase Productivity 3

Having a managed IT support can help you avoid these kinds of issues.

First of all, your IT provider will be able to tell you if the new product actually will integrate correctly into your existing system.

Secondly, they will be able to set it up for you correctly on the first pass.

And thirdly, they can monitor it initially to make sure everything is working correctly and quickly address any bugs that may arise.

Do you remember the question at the beginning:  What if you did not have to worry about your business’s IT issues again?

Having a managed IT service can make this a reality for you!

Don’t let the fears of upgrades or new programs make you stuck with archaic hardware and software in your business.  You can find a managed IT provider who will take care of these issues for you!

If you are looking for a managed IT service in the Corpus Christi or San Antonio, TX, areas, then the team at Straight Edge Technology would love to talk with you about how we can reduce your IT stress while increasing your productivity.  Contact us to book a discovery call today!