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4 Ways Managed IT Services Reduce Stress

I’m going to give you two words, and you need to think of all the situations where you experienced these two words together.

Are you ready?  

Here are the two words:  Stress and Technology.

What did you think about?

Did you think about the many times the internet was down or glitched, your computer crashing, not being able to connect to the server, not being able to connect to the printer when you had that urgent file to print, and on an on…

Stress and technology seem to often go together, don’t they.  But what if your business could run its technology without the stress?

If this seems only like a dream, then you need to know this is possible!

And the answer is managed IT services.

Managed IT services are available for every technology application in your business.  If you are tired of the stress that can come with technology, then here are 4 reasons why you need IT services at your business!

A professional has your back

One of the most frustrating parts about technology is the helpless feeling we get when something goes wrong.  Many times the issue may not be something that big, but it takes so much time and energy to solve the problem ourselves.

4 Ways Managed IT Services Reduce Stress 1

The beauty of having managed IT services is that you have a professional who has your back.

You no longer have to worry about your systems being updated, because that is now done by a professional.  If something goes wrong, a phone call will immediately put you in touch with someone who can fix the problem quickly.

Can you picture yourself shedding the responsibility of making sure your technology is running optimally?

This doesn’t have to be a dream any more, you can hire a managed IT firm to make it a reality!

Don’t worry about security

With everything in today’s business world connected to the internet, security on your servers and computers is not to be taken lightly.

If you take care of your own technology security, then this is probably another stress point.  Looking online will cause your mind to spin on products available, ever-changing security threats, news on hackers, etc.

Your data is too important to have “homemade security” protecting it!

On the other hand, you can hand your security to a trusted IT services firm and sleep soundly at night.

Having managed IT services means you have someone who is trained in security systems and up to date in the field.  IT professionals stay tuned on the security pulse, and they will ensure that you have the best security for your system.

Coaching for your technology

Similar to security, you are constantly bombarded with new programs, new features, new websites, and new equipment.

And they all want your business for a price.

The real question is this:  Which of these programs and equipment will provide your business with services it really needs?

Instead of spending hours researching and reading reviews from others, you can work with a managed IT service.  They can advise you in the programs you should have and coach you in running and learning these programs.

And the best part?

You won’t have to install or set up the new equipment!

Increased business performance

4 Ways Managed IT Services Reduce Stress 2

Having your business’s IT managed by professionals is a great way to increase your profits and performance as well.

So how do you increase profit if you are spending money on an IT firm?

The answer is simple and has 3 parts.

First, an IT firm will advise you in having the optimal equipment and programs which will increase efficiency and speed.

Second, you and your staff no longer will waste precious time trying to troubleshoot glitches or security issues.

And third, your downtime due to IT issues will be minimal because of expert installation and professional customer service at your fingertips.

It’s time you stopped stressing about your company’s IT and wasting unnecessary time and resources on it.  Partnering with an IT firm will reduce your stress and increase your profits!

And if you are in the Corpus Christi or San Antonio area, Straight Edge Technology is the local partner that you deserve.  Contact us today and let our managed IT services take care of you!