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Straight Edge Technology, Inc.

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Straight Edge Technology is your complete IT Solutions Consultant. We offer Managed IT Services, Network Security, Disaster Recovery and Cloud Solutions.

Straight Edge Technology, Inc.

3 days 20 hours ago

We work with many healthcare practices and professionals. Today let's all show our appreciation for them. Texas Health Center for Diagnostics and Surgery created this amazing and uplifting video showcasing why those in the healthcare industry do what they do for us all. #NationalDoctorsDay2020

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Straight Edge Technology, Inc.

Straight Edge Technology, Inc.

6 days 18 hours ago

Hi Facebook friends! Our day started with a special Friday message from Kenny, our Systems Engineer! Don't be afraid to send some thoughtful and funny messages to your coworkers through email, Microsoft Teams, or any other team messaging systems your company may use. Chances are if you have been struggling with being alone working from home, so are your other employees! #coworkers #workingfromhome #companyculture #inthistogether

Straight Edge Technology, Inc.

1 week 18 hours ago

We live in such an amazing community! One of our clients, Titan Support Systems, Inc., are donating face masks during this time. Not only does this help the many healthcare services in need but also provides support for their employees to stay working and provide for themselves and their families!

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Straight Edge Technology, Inc.

Tomorrow at 9:30 AM Straight Edge Tech President, Doug, will be presenting some tips for how to be productive while working from home and most importantly, how to stay sane during this unprecedented time.

If for no other reason, join our call just to see some other friendly faces if you have been cooped up for too long.

No Need to RSVP just join the call using this link.

#remoteworking #workingfromhome #WFHtips

Straight Edge Technology, Inc.

Straight Edge Technology, Inc.

1 week 2 days ago

We're all trying to get comfortable working from home! Here are some of our team members' "offices"! Whose is your favorite? #workingfromhome #remoteworking #homeoffice

Straight Edge Technology, Inc.

Straight Edge Technology, Inc.

1 week 6 days ago

Here's a laugh to start your Friday!

Straight Edge Technology, Inc.

2 weeks 19 hours ago

We know working from home is hard to adjust to when used to working in an office setting. Here's a great article including tips on how to be productive while working remotely from home!
#remote #workingfromhome

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Straight Edge Technology, Inc.

2 weeks 1 day ago

COVID-19 is at the forefront of everyone's minds right now so we here at Straight Edge Tech want to share some valuable info with our community that may help during this time.

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Straight Edge Technology, Inc.

2 weeks 3 days ago

We know a lot of businesses are currently sending some employees home, if not all, to work remotely. If, during this time of social distancing, you are unsure of how to go about implementing a remote workforce plan, read our newest blog post.

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Straight Edge Technology, Inc.

2 weeks 6 days ago

We want our community to be safe during this time, not only with their health but also their security. Fake coronavirus maps have been spreading online and through emails that use malware to steal private data. This article from Business Insider provides more detail of how to find secure and real coronavirus maps and what to avoid.

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