cyber monday

Personal Security Measures for Cyber Monday Shopping

We know Cyber Monday is coming up and we want you to be able to shop with no worries of cyber attacks! The number of cyber attacks goes up almost 40% on Cyber Monday. In 2016, of the accounted for victims of cyber attacks, 81,024 people were affected and there was a total of 138 million dollars in losses. Of course, these numbers could be even larger because the FBI has stated that only about 15 % of victims of fraud actually report the attack. In 2016, Texas ranked 3rd in the nation for largest average total dollars lost in  cyber crime. We want to change that!

Scammers keep up to date with the latest specials going on so that then they can create their own deals in “ads”. When shoppers click on the “ads”, malware is automatically and secretly installed on that person’s device. Another occurrence that happens when these “ads” are clicked on is that the website it is linked to will collect personal information such as credit card, address, name, phone number, etc. There are also non-delivery scams. This involves customers ordering and paying for goods online that are not delivered.

Now you are probably wondering how in the world are you going to protect yourself from this! Don’t worry because there definitely strategies to combat falling for these scams online. 

Make sure not to click on advertisements you see on the web. Instead use your web browser to search DIRECTLY to a retail site because if the advertisement is truly from that retailer, then it will be on their site. 

You should do the same tactic for any email promotions you receive. Another option for consumers is to hover over the link in the email to see the URL to make sure it is really from the retail outlet. 

We recommend using your credit card instead of debit card for any online purchases. Avoid saving credit card information on a site. You can avoid using a debit or credit card completely by purchasing prepaid cards such as VISA gift cards before Cyber Monday and using those to buy your products. 

So, remember to use these protective tips during your holiday shopping this week! Share this information with your friends and family too. Happy Thanksgiving!