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Why Is My Computer Freezing?

You might be googling this question on your phone currently while your computer is frozen. A frozen computer is an extremely frustrating event that can happen at any time (often in the worst of times). There are multiple possible causes and thankfully solutions for this issue.

The usual culprit of a computer freezing is that the computer is exerting too much energy at one time. Applications using the majority of your computer’s RAM and even some applications that attempt to draw memory from other apps can be the culprit. To prevent this, the computer operating system will lock up and freeze.

Other possible issues that prove more difficult to solve may be a virus on your computer or a bugged device driver that may not be receiving upgrades.

So, if you experience one of the scenarios mentioned above CURRENTLY dealing with a frozen computer, How do you fix it? There are a few options depending on what is the cause of the sudden freezing

As simple as it sounds, CHECK YOUR MOUSE FIRST. Many people don’t realize that their wireless mouse may just be out of batteries. If this is not the case and your mouse is still seen moving on the screen, press CTRL + ATL + DEL. This will bring up your task manager and shut down the application that is frozen. Then, you can easily stop that application from running.

If you are not able to move your mouse around on the screen, then you can hold the power button down and perform a manual shut down on your computer. Any unsaved data before shutting down will be lost, unfortunately.

If neither of these options worked for you, there is a last resort: system restore. If an important system file was deleted or corrupted, a system restore will be needed. This will reset your computer operating system to the way it was a few weeks or a few months prior. Anything created or downloaded before the system restore will be lost.

A simple computer freezing shows the importance of BACKING UP your computer’s data frequently.

To prevent a frozen computer, there are some simple steps to follow. Make sure to perform antivirus checks often and be weary with any software you download. It is also beneficial to prevent your computer from overheating which can be a factor in your computer freezing. We have a blog post providing more details about how to keep your laptop from overheating here:

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