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We're a dedicated and industrious bunch, committed to high standards of excellence and quality. We value each one of our employees for their unique qualities.

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Straight Edge Technology, Inc.

Information Technology Company

Straight Edge Technology is your complete IT Solutions Consultant. We offer Managed IT Services, Network Security, Disaster Recovery and Cloud Solutions.

Straight Edge Technology, Inc.

Straight Edge Technology, Inc.

1 day 2 hours ago

Isn't it annoying when your "Work From Home" coworker sleeps on the job? One of our team members, Eugene, captured his pup's lack of motivation…

Straight Edge Technology, Inc.

2 days 2 hours ago

Google's senior director for account security was quoted saying, "Passwords are one of the worst things on the internet." They are important and needed for…

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Straight Edge Technology, Inc.

Straight Edge Technology, Inc.

6 days 1 hour ago

All jokes aside, don't wait until disaster strikes to fix your IT! Maintenance is required to have reliable technology for your business.

Straight Edge Technology, Inc.

1 week 3 hours ago

Amazon's AWS Shield service stopped the largest distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS attack) ever. A DDoS can cause unusually slow network performance, unavailability of a particular…

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Straight Edge Technology, Inc.

Straight Edge Technology, Inc.

1 week 2 days ago

Who else thinks Cookie's cat should be our new company mascot? #workfromhomecoworkers

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Top-Notch Customer Service With A Sense Of Urgency

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We Are A Team, It's Us Versus The Problem

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Honesty And Integrity - We Do What's Right Even When It's More Difficult

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We Do It Right, We Do It Once

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Work Life Balance, So Our Staff Can Thrive

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Base Plan (HSA)

Straight Edge Technology pays 75% for the employee only. Our employees pay 25% which can be in the range of $50 to $70.

Buy-Up Plan (Copay)
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