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Grow your Business with reliable IT strategies

Our proven strategies and approach give you the freedom to focus on your business and customers during this difficult time.
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Right now, You Need IT that works so you can focus on what matters

You should be free to focus on your team and customers during this time, not frustrated with your technology.

The team at Straight Edge Technology is equipped to provide the IT support and customer service you need to help your business navigate this COVID-19 crisis.

We understand how stressful IT can be, and we are here to provide the support and help you need.

What's our goal?  To give you time and freedom to focus on what matters - your team, your customers, and your business.

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IT Services We Offer In Boerne, TX

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Managed IT services

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Network security

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Cloud Services

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Hosted Servers

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Spam protection

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Disaster Recovery

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Cloud backup

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Web filtering and firewall

Industries We Serve

Healthcare IT

We keep your IT, EMR, and customer records backed up, secure, and HIPAA Compliant.

Manufacturing IT

Keep your manufacturing efficient and running properly with the best tech support.

Construction IT

Have the programs and record-keeping you need for better communication, file storage, and efficient systems. 

Oil & Gas IT

Texas runs on oil & gas - have the technology and support to lead the pack.

Law Firm IT

Legal IT support and management including Perfect Law, Needles, Cleo, Relativity, and many more Legal IT systems.

IT Support That Builds Your Business



  • Get time back with Managed IT services

    Get your time back

    All That Time You Spent Trying To Fix IT Issues Yourself?

    Stop worrying about your IT issues and instead spend that freed-up time on what grows your business.

  • Increase performance with managed IT

    Increase productivity.

    When technology works it does amazing things for your productivity.

    Your employees' productivity and efficiency will increase with a stable, modern, and managed IT infrastructure.

  • Manged It services allows you to focus on your business

    Focus on your business

    Technology issues consume your time, energy, and brainpower.

    Say goodbye to tech frustrations at work.  Instead have the joy that comes from delegating the mundane, bringing freedom to focus on your real job for the sake of your business, your employees, and your customers.

Are you ready for reliable IT support?

​ Getting started is easy:


1. Schedule A Call

We'll meet with you and your team to hear your tech frustrations & needs, vision for your business, mundane tasks that should be automated, and your growth plans.  Our goal is to see how your technology can support your overall business plan.


2. Onboard

After hearing what your business needs, we'll create a custom Technology Roadmap that lays out a plan that's specific to your needs and goals.

managed IT working for you

3. Watch IT start working for you

Begin to enjoy the many advantages of a full-time, expert IT team supporting you, your team, and your business success!


“I highly recommend Straight Edge for all your IT needs. Their staff is friendly and extremely helpful. Please call them and they will get rid of your IT headache!”

- Drew Becquet


“We reached out to Straight Edge Technology after some IT issues cost us a really big bid. I would definitely recommend their services. They were quick, professional, and great for our dealership!”

-Matt W, Cycle Plaza


“I can highly recommend Doug and his team for anyone looking for IT services in the Corpus Christi or San Antonio area!”

- Jay Mellon

IT pricing packet

Are you wondering what you should be expecting to pay for quality IT services?  

Our free guide will help you get the exact IT services your company needs without unnecessary fees or bloated contracts!   


Submit this form, and we will email you the free guide.

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Managed IT Services

We know not every company is big enough for an internal IT department.  We also know many smaller and medium-sized firms do have in-house IT, but they want outside experts to provide an independent perspective.

Whatever your business' size or internal resources, we want to enable your success.  To this end, we offer CIO-services and IT consulting, including 24/7 tech support, for businesses in Central and South Texas.


Technology Roadmap

What if your IT contractor did more than just keeping your technology working and running smoothly?  What if they actually had the vision to design and build the systems to help your business succeed?

​That's why we build a custom Technology Roadmap for your business—to see what your company's tech can do to actively help your company grow and succeed!


Security and Stability

With us, you can sleep easy knowing your and your client's private info is safe and secure.  Our experts take care of implementing and maintaining the internet security your company needs.

Servers, data, email—all your information and tech systems are kept secure and backed up regularly and automatically.


Many tech companies play the "firefighter role."  They take care of problems after they arise and take care of the damage.

Straight Edge Technology goes one step further.

We understand that IT plays a significant role in business strategy, and we provide the IT support, technology, and tech framework you need to grow your business, not just put out the "tech fires."

Our custom Technology Roadmap for your company does exactly that - it lays out the path that your technology should take to help your business grow by making your team more efficient and effective.

Stop band-aiding your company's IT issues!  Instead, feel empowered with a long-term plan and continued support that takes your WHOLE business into account, not just part of it.

Straight Edge Technology provides managed IT services in Boerne, TX. Currently, we have 2 office locations in South-Central Texas that allow us to serve more businesses and medical practices in a localized and affordable fashion. Our current locations enable us to manage IT for those in the greater San Antonio and Corpus Christi areas.

If you are looking to align your tech and your business for steady growth, schedule a call today!

Have Questions about our IT services?

What IT Services Do You Offer In Boerne, TX?

We offer the following:

  • Managed IT 
  • Cloud Services
    • Cloud IT Solutions
    • Disaster Recovery
    • VOIP 
    • Microsoft 365 Business Voice & Teams
    • Hosted Servers
    • Cloud Backup
  • Network Security
    • Spam Protection
    • Web Filtering & Firewall

How Available And Responsive Are Your IT Technicians?

We have IT technicians who are on call 24/7.  We know your business IT services need to be secure all the time, and our team is committed to your company’s constant security.

What Industries Do You Specialize In?

We provide specialized IT services for the following:

    • Law Firms
    • Medical & Healthcare
    • Oil & Gas 
    • Construction
    • Manufacturing
    • And many more!

What Common Software Do You Support?

We provide support for a broad range of software, including:

  • Electronic Medical Records systems (EMR's)
  • Quickbooks
  • Peachtree
  • Adobe
  • MS Office, Office 365, and other Microsoft applications
  • VoIP services
  • And many more!

Do You Provide Managed IT For Industry-Specific Software?

Yes, we manage many industry-specific IT programs and provide IT support for these programs; particularly in the law, medical, oil & gas, manfucaturing and construction industries.

How Long Has Straight Edge Technology Been Offering IT Services?

We have been managing IT services in the South-Central Texas area since 2006.

Concerned about your business security?

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